Tico Startup Wins Silicon Valley’s Top Community Award For Reducing Cardiovascular Mortality

Orbicor Technologies is a Tico Digital Health company with the purpose of saving millions of lives. Of the 18 million deaths reported in a year due to cardiovascular diseases in the world, 75% are preventable.

Orbicor focuses on reducing critical cardiovascular events and the mortality they cause, through the use of innovative multipoint sensors and Internet of Medical Things applications.

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Its platform and technology called UnnoMed provides differentiated clinical data, which is complementary to what is already available for cardiovascular patients, ensuring continuous online monitoring and optimizing the treatment of the patient’s condition. As cardiovascular disease develops over time, successful treatment is only ensured by continuously measuring biometric indicators.

International recognitions

In the last three months, Orbicor Technologies has been a finalist in several international start-up competitions organized by entities in the United States. He recently received the Start-up of the year 2021 Program from the Founders Award, Silicon Valey’s most prestigious public community event dedicated to startup founders.

The startup was founded in May 2019 by Dr. Yamilah Bouzid, a long-time cardiologist, and Costa Rican Rafael Corrales, an experienced executive specialist in medical devices.


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