Time To Log Off! Try These Tips to Detox Your Digital Space

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2022: The fact that technology has permeated every aspect of our lives is unquestionable. From communicating with people to online shopping, making reservations, paying bills, and more. There’s nothing that cannot be done from where you are sitting at this very second. Although technology has connected us to the entire world it has, in a way, cut us off from those who matter to us most.

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We are so engrossed in browsing through our social media feeds that we end up neglecting people sitting right next to us. This Christmas let’s focus on the people who matter. Embark on a digital detox and live in the moment to make the most out of the Christmas holidays.

Lock your gadgets away

The best way to stay away from your gadgets to by locking them away. Yes, turning off notifications also helps but if you are an avid mobile phone or laptop user then you are likely to give in. The chances of submitting will be less than zero if you do not have your gadgets with you.

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Get Off social media

You don’t necessarily need to share every moment of your life on social media. Sharing too much online can keep you occupied, and you may miss fun things happening around you. Take a few days off from social media to live in point.

OTT Break

With so much content available around us, there has been a sudden spike is the amount of time we spent on OTT platforms. Any new web series or movie can wait for a few days as Christmas 2022 won’t be again. Make full use of your time with your family during the festive season.

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Focus on the positive

Technology has become the default in our lives. Staying without our phones and other gadgets may make us feel anxious, frustrated, and stressed. It may feel like a punishment. But you should try to re-frame the emotional challenges in your mind. Have a more positive outlook and look at the experiences as rewards.

Take A Holiday

Embark on a trip to a place that is calm and surrounded by natural beauty. If there are certain calls that you cannot avoid, such as your boss, clients, and more, while setting your phone on do not disturb, give permission to their notifications.

Here’s Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

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