Top people to follow for developments in blockchain and crypto in 2022

A decade ago, the idea of CEOs spending a portion of their time on social media sounded laughable. Now in the digital age, social media is considered an integral component in every organisation’s business goals.

It isn’t enough for CEOs to show up in conferences, do interviews, and give talks —they now have to be present online. If not, they risk losing lucrative opportunities to not only promote their organisation but also share their breadth of industry knowledge. Fortunately, CEOs of blockchain and crypto communities are already ahead of this.

Let’s take a look at some of the most active crypto CEOs on social media and how they’re spreading their influence in and outside the crypto community.

Changpeng Zhao
Topping this list is the Changpeng Zhao, also commonly referred to as “CZ”. As CEO of Binance, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, CZ provides quick updates about the platform and occasionally shares his insights on various crypto trends. He is currently more active on Twitter, where he has over four million followers, than Instagram.

Justin Sun
Considered as one of the youngest CEOs in this list is Justin Sun, CEO of BitTorrent and founder of TRON Foundation and Peiwo app. He is active on both Twitter and Instagram, and has briefly delved into Chinese social media. Sun uses his online channels to post updates about the blockchain and crypto space and respond to direct mentions.

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Vitalik Buterin
It comes as no surprise that Vitalik Buterin is included in this list. Even when social media was in its infancy, he had already been advocating for cryptocurrencies in as early as 2011 through a publication called Bitcoin Magazine. Today, he shares his controversial insights on various crypto trends, as well as updates on the Ethereum network on Twitter, where he currently has 2.9 million followers.

Brian Armstrong
Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong also puts his two cents on all things crypto on his Twitter page. Speaking to nearly a million followers, he provides updates about Coinbase, as well as shares articles related to blockchain, finance, and tech.

Tyler Winklevoss
Like Buterin, Tyler Winklevoss is an early adopter of Bitcoin, buying the cryptocurrency as early as 2012 with his twin brother Cameron Winklevoss. Now as the CEO of crypto exchange Gemini and principal of private investment firm Winklevoss Capital, Tyler mostly uses his Twitter page to tackle discussions on his businesses, Bitcoin, NFTs, and, most recently, the metaverse.

Brad Garlinghouse
Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse expresses his thoughts (and shares his humour) on his Twitter page, where he currently has half a million followers. There he posts updates on Ripple, interacts with other industry leaders, concurs with articles pertaining to crypto and finance in general.

Erik Voorhees
If you ever need some validation of where’s Erik Voorhees is mostly active, he said so himself on his LinkedIn page: you can find him on Twitter, posting updates about, crypto, blockchain, tech in general, and more. He also has a Medium page where he posts long-form content on Bitcoin and updates on

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Joseph Lubin
Ethereum’s co-founder and ConsenSys CEO Joseph Lubin can also be found on Twitter, where he speaks to more than 200,000 people about ConsenSys, MetaMask (an Ethereum-based crypto wallet used mostly), and other blockchain solutions. He also uses his Twitter page to communicate with fellow industry leaders and share articles on various blockchain and crypto trends.

Sam Bankman-Fried
FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried is also somewhat of a social media celebrity among the crypto community. For his audience of 480,000 on Twitter, he mainly provides updates about the FTX platform and shares the latest trends in blockchain, NFTs, and DeFi. Occasionally, he goes live on Twitter Spaces to respond to inquiries.

Zac Cheah
Zac Cheah mostly shares his insights on the crypto market through his Twitter page, which has garnered more than 50,000 followers. One would notice that he uses his page to not only post about Pundi X and all things blockchain and crypto, but also share snippets of his personal life. Apart from his interactive and insightful posts, Cheah garners followers from Pundi X’s active community on Reddit, which also is never short of crypto topics to discuss.

Delving into blockchain and crypto is never easy, especially if you’ve never been adept to tech and finance in the first place. Fortunately, we have blockchain and crypto experts who are just a message or tweet away.

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