Try this simple hack to fix gaping cardigan buttons

There’s a simple way to fix this (Picture: catwalkhautecouture/Instagram)

When cardigans with nothing else underneath became trendy, those with a larger bust sighed.

It’s difficult enough finding a blouse that fits well and doesn’t gape around the chest, let alone a ‘cool girl’ cardi.

So fitted button-ups can become a daily battle.

While some might suggest you size up or buy a different style item, that doesn’t help when you’re already out and realise that you’ve just unintentionally flashed your colleagues.

Thankfully, fashion Instagram account @catwalkhautecouture has shared a quick hack from influencer Kristina Kacheeva for those desperate times – so you can still look good while also maintaining some modesty.

It’s pretty simple.

First, rather than fighting the buttons, undo the top few where the offending gape is.

We’ve all had this problem (Picture: catwalkhautecouture/Instagram)
Go back to the start (Picture: catwalkhautecouture/Instagram)

Then, rather than button up left to right, go diagonally.

Take one button and push it through the hole lower than normal, then take the next button and take it up a notch higher.

This zig-zag effect means the buttons layer over each other, covering the gape.

It takes all of 10 seconds to do and means you don’t have to worry so much about buttons flying open – or attracting any strange attention.

It leaves a slightly gathered look, but gets the job temporarily sorted.

Over in the comments, people have shared how ‘brilliant’ they think this hack is.

One person wrote: ‘I just had this problem today!! Thanks for sharing.’

Another helpfully pointed out there are limits to this working, explaining: ‘Depends on the material. If it’s not printed and not stretched, that wouldn’t work.’

But if you have the right kind of cardigan or blouse, it’s worth a shot.

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