Twitter rolls out $Cashtags feature: All the details

Days after rolling out Twitter Blue for individuals, businesses and others, Twitter has updated another of its features. The feature will come in handy for those who liked to see stock prices of companies.
In a series of tweets, Twitter Business account revealed that starting today search results will include the pricing graphs for major symbols.
How will the feature work?
Twitter explained that when a users tweets the symbol of a major stock, ETF, or crypto currency with a $ in front of it (like $BTC), they will be see a clickable link that takes them to search results. The search results will show the pricing graphs. Further, users can also search for symbols directly, without clicking on a link within a tweet. “Most symbols with and without the $ sign will work in search (QQQ or $QQQ),” said Twitter Business account in the tweet. Twitter also said that in the coming weeks, “we’ll refine the user experience and expand our coverage of symbols.”
The feature got appreciation from Twitter CEO Elon Musk. “One of many product improvements coming to financial Twitter! Nice work by Twitter team,” said Musk in a tweet.
Meanwhile, Musk has indicated that he will sooner or later step down as CEO of Twitter. After conducting a poll on Twitter where he asked users whether he should continue as head of Twitter or not, Musk said he will step down. Almost 57% of the votes were in the favour of Musk stepping down. Musk made it clear that he will step down “as long as he finds someone foolish enough” to take on the role. He also made clear that he will only step down as the had of Twitter but still oversee the software and servers teams at the social media platform.

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