UK Woman Finds Snail In Restaurants Dinner Meal, Twitter Is Disgusted

The restaurant industry has had a hard time with the COVID-19 pandemic. With people staying at home and not venturing out, the focus has been on online deliveries and takeaway orders. However, these deliveries can often go wrong as we have seen on several instances in the past. Recently, a woman was shocked to find a fried chicken head in her KFC hot wings meal. The shocking photographs of the severed head went viral on social media. And now, another UK woman found a tiny snail in her dinner meal ordered from Uber Eats.

According to a report by Metro, Chloe Walshaw was the name of the woman who had placed the order. She ordered two roast meats from a popular restaurant in UK called Toby Carvery. The 24-year-old school worker from Dudley, West Midlands said it was the first time she had ordered from the restaurant online. Earlier, she mistook it to be some peas in her meal, but then when she dug into the meal with a fork, she realised it was a snail. “I was really shocked, I had food in my mouth and I spat the food out. I’m glad it was on top and not in the middle of what I was about to eat,” she said.

Twitter users reacted to the disgusting yet bizarre occurrence. Several left comments on the news. Take a look:

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Uber Eats refunded the amount of the UK woman’s order. The restaurant too offered a refund and promised to investigate into the issue.

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