Uorfi Javed quashes rumours about being detained in Dubai for wearing revealing clothes: ‘The police had arrived to stop…’

Former Bigg Boss OTT contestant Uorfi Javed has quashed rumours about being detained by the Dubai police. Several reports surfaced online on December 21 about Uorfi landing in legal trouble for wearing a revealing outfit while shooting a video. 

As reported by Zoom Entertainment, the 24-year-old reality star said, “The police had arrived to stop the shoot because of some issues at the location. There was a time till when we were allowed to shoot as it was a public place, the production team didn’t extend the timing, hence we had to leave. It had nothing to do with my clothes at all. We shot the remaining part the next day so it was all sorted.”

Uorfi is often trolled for her sartorial choices and is a favourite among the paparazzi. Pictures and videos of her DIY outfits flood Instagram pages daily. Uorfi is currently in Azerbaijan. 

In an interview with Indian Express, Uorfi had opened up about her fashion choices and had said, “I have always been bold and loved to dress well. It did not go down well with them (relatives) and they took their anger on my clothes. With a pair of scissors, they cut so many of my dresses, saying some showed cleavage while others were sleeveless. I decided that I will get back to them one day, and rightly so, today most of them want a selfie with me.”

She added, “To be honest, I love dressing up. I have always wanted to be a fashionable actor. I am usually well-dressed. As for trying to flaunt a happy image, well, I am always honest. So I end up crying, getting angry even on camera. I take no pressures.”

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