Vikram Gokhale’s wife Vrushali reacts: “His death news is untrue; he is not responding to touch and doctors will decide tomorrow”- Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

News of Vikram Gokhale passing away is doing the rounds. However, when contacted, Vrushali said that he is still alive. “He slipped into coma yesterday afternoon and post that, he has not responded to touch. He is on ventilator. Doctors will decide tomorrow morning what to do, depending on whether he’s improving, sinking or still not responding.”

Mrs Gokhale revealed that Vikram Gokhale has been in Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital since November 5. “He improved a bit but slipped again. He has had a host of issues, like in heart and kidney. At the moment, he has had a multi-organ failure.”

The lady further said that her husband is 77 and not 82 as being reported. “My daughter from San Fransico has arrived. The other one has been right here in Pune, she lives in Mumbai.”

Vikram Gokhale, we hear, had shifted during lockdown from Mumbai to Pune. “He decided to stay there and rarely came to Mumbai in the past two years,” a friend of Vikram Gokhale told ETimes.

When ETimes called Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, they refused to divulge any information.

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