Viral Video: Man Buys Strawberries From Old Lady, What He Did Next Will Surprise You

Let’s admit it; every time we see a stranger doing a random act of kindness for anyone, their stories always tug at our heartstrings. Any act could be as simple as just helping out someone in their daily life, and these stories always make us happy. Recently, one such viral video of kindness has won the internet. This time, when a man came across a lady selling boxes full of strawberries on the road, he decided to buy them all from her. But what he did next surprised the lady to the point where she became teary-eyed.

In a video uploaded by Instagram user @Pubity, we can see a man approaching an old lady selling strawberries. As per the translation shared in the video, the man first said, “Hello how are you? How much are the strawberries for?” The lady replies by saying that they are for three dollars per box. Then, the man says that he will buy all the strawberries. However, as soon as the lady is about to hand him the boxes, he surprises her by saying, “You know what? Keep the strawberries so you can continue to make more money.” This video was originally taken by @lima. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 34.4 million views, with 2.5 million likes and thousands of comments full of appreciation and love! One person wrote, “Let’s continue to pour blessings upon this earth. #humanitywins” Another person said, “I want to see this type of video on my feed. The world is so full of shit right now I’m happy for someone to film themselves doing good deeds and restoring my faith in humanity. I want to see someone’s face light up when they feel the warmth in good people.”

While many people appreciated the act, there were some against recording it as well.

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