Vishal Dadlani’s father passes away: ‘I can’t even go hold my mother in her most difficult time’

Days after testing positive for Covid-19, singer and music composer Vishal Dadlani took to social media on Saturday morning to share that his father Moti Dadlani has passed away.

Sharing a photo of his father, Vishal wrote, “Lost my best friend, the nicest and kindest man on earth, last night. I couldn’t have asked for a better Father, or a better person to be my teacher for life. Anything good in me is just a pale reflection of him.”


He shared that he was neither able to be by the side of his ailing father, nor able to comfort his greiving mother due to his Covid-19 diagnosis. He wrote, “He was in ICU for the last 3/4 days, but I couldn’t go from yesterday on because I tested positive for Covid. I can’t even go hold my Mother in her most difficult time. It’s really not fair. I don’t know how to live in a world without him. I’m completely lost.”

Vishal, on Friday, had shared a shot of his test kit, and wrote, “This is for anyone who may have come in contact with me this last week or 10 days. Sadly, despite every precaution, I’ve tested Covid Positive.”

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