Watch | First pod hotel at Mumbai Central

The recently inaugurated ‘pod hotel’ at Mumbai Central Railway Station is the first of its kind in India.

It was introduced by the Indian Railways as an inexpensive stay option for travellers.

The ‘pod’ or a ‘capsule hotel’, was first developed in Japan. It features a large number of small, bed-sized rooms known as capsules.

These hotels provide affordable, basic, overnight accommodation for guests who do not require or cannot afford larger, more expensive rooms offered by conventional hotels.

The hotel at Mumbai Central railway station is spread over 3000 sq feet and consists of offers of 48 pods. This includes classic pods, private pods and separate pods for women and the differently-abled.

Each pod room will provide free Wi-Fi, toiletries and a place to keep luggage. Shower rooms and wash rooms will be provided in common areas.

Inside the pod, the guest can avail facilities like a TV, a small locker, a mirror, an adjustable air conditioner and air filter vents, and reading lights.

This is in addition to interior lighting, mobile charging, smoke detectors, and ‘do not disturb’ indicators.

The IRCTC said the tariffs may vary, depending on requirements ranging from ₹999 per person for 12 hours, going up to ₹1,999 per person for 24 hours.

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