Watch: How To Make Mixed Veg Pakodas

Monsoon season is synonymous with its own variety of snacks. The sight of a rain shower just gives us a craving to eat something sumptuous. And what snack is the most popular and beloved snack and is known to be enjoyed during the rainy season? Pakodas! The joy of eating a crispy pakoda with a cup of chai just makes people drool. They are the best monsoon snack in the world! We have so many varieties of pakoda nowadays. There is aloo pakoda, pyaaz pakoda, paneer pakoda and much more. Sometimes it is tough to choose which pakoda to enjoy, so why not make all the pakodas at once? We have found a simple and easy recipe that will help you make a variety of pakodas at once, without putting in a lot of effort. This video will reveal the secret way of making a variety of vegetable pakodas at one!

How To Make Mixed Veg Pakoda :

The recipe for veg pakoda is very simple. You need to prepare pakoda batter and chop vegetables for the pakoda. For the pakoda batter, you will need besan and water. For seasoning and flavour, you will need turmeric powder, red chilli powder, chaat masala, cumin powder and salt. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl, add baking soda to it. Baking soda makes the pakoda batter fluffy and tasty. Coat chopped potatoes, onions, capsicum and eggplant with besan batter. Deep fry the coated vegetables till they are crispy and gold in colour. The pakodas are ready! Enjoy them with your choice of chutney.

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