Watch | Varanasi celebrates Dev Deepavali

Every year during Kartik Poornima, Varanasi is witness to an enthralling spectacle of light while celebrating Dev Deepavali.

This year, along with lamps, the city’s skyline was filled with colourful hot air balloons.

The Uttar Pradesh government held a hot air balloon festival that coincided with the Dev Deepavali celebrations.

The hot air balloons passed over the riverbanks of the Ganga, as devotees in the ghats and in boats watched in awe.

People inside the balloons managed to get a bird’s eye view of the city.

As the sun set, the city and the Ganga were engulfed in light against the backdrop of a full moon.

12 lakh earthen lamps were lit across the ghats of Varanasi

Dev Deepavali is celebrated fifteen days after Deepavali is celebrated across the country.

As the name suggests, it is believed that on this day, the Hindu gods descend to Earth to bathe in the Ganga.

It is said that lakhs of lamps are lit as a mark of welcome to the gods.

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