WhatsApp to revamp iOS chat design in future update

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is planning to revamp its chat user interface on Apple iOS devices. To do that, the application will be cleaning up its presentation by getting rid of certain rows.

As reported by WABetaInfo, the version 22.1.72 update removes the ‘Broadcast Lists’ and ‘New Group’ rows from the top of the chat list. WhatsApp acknowledges that the options have been in place for years, whereby tapping the ‘Start New Chat’ button on the bottom right, users can create new groups. But now, the Broadcast option will have a similar entry point, showing up in the top-left corner of the pop-up. The feature is planned for a future update and currently has no release date.

WhatsApp has also begun testing a new feature on iOS that displays profile pictures in system notifications. The feature will first roll out to those running iOS 15 and will show DPs in both individual and group chat notifications. Currently, the update is only available to beta testers.

On a related note, iOS users will soon be able to differentiate between mentions and replies within a group chat. In the beta version, if someone replies to you, you will receive a push notification that says <sender name> ‘Replied to you’, followed by the group name. Any group mentions, however, will be highlighted as ‘Mentioned you’ and @<your name>.

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