Which Country’s National Anthem Has no Words? Can you Answer These 10 GK Questions

General knowledge is an important part of government job exams. Candidates have to face these questions from written tests to interviews. Good preparation of General Knowledge can make the job path easy.

General knowledge questions are permanent. Once they are remembered well, they always come in handy. It does not change like General Awareness. That’s why focusing on general knowledge is necessary. We have brought for you the top 10 general knowledge questions.

Question 1. Which country’s national anthem doesn’t have any words?

Answer- The national anthem of Spain ‘Marcha Real’ is without words.

Question 2. Which is the longest book in the world?

Answer – The book A la recherche du temps perdu was written by Marcel Proust. There are approximately 9,609,000 characters in this book. The name of the book means remembrance of the past.

Question 3. Which was the last letter to be added to the English alphabet?

Answer- The last letter to be added to the English alphabet was ‘J’. It was added to the alphabet in 1524. Earlier I was used for both I and J sounds.

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Question-4. Which creature has 2 hearts and 9 brains

Answer – Octopus

Question-5. Which vitamin helps in blood clotting?

Answer – Vitamin K

Question-6. Where is Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park located?

Answer – In Andaman and Nicobar

Question-7. Bhaskara’s Lilavati is the standard text of which subject?

Answer – Mathematics

Question-8. What were the 12 states of the Sikh Sangh called?

Answer – Misl

Question-9. How many times does A appear in the numbers from 1 to 100?

Answer- Not even once.

Question-10. In which state is the elephant caves located?

Answer – In Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

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