Why is ‘Katihar Narsanhar’ trending on Twitter? All about Bihar gang war which led to 7 deaths

While the reports of criminal cases in Bihar are not something that is unheard of, there has been massive outrage on Twitter regarding a recent gang war that broke out in Katihar city, with the hashtag #Katihar_Narsanhar trending on Twitter.

Many are expressing their outrage and displeasure with Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav for not “protecting” the Yadav community in Katihar city. People have also been claiming of “genocide” against Yadavs in the area.

The hashtag #Katihar_Narsanhar started trending on Twitter a few days after seven people from the Yadav community were killed in an alleged gang war in the Bihar city. Since then, people have been expressing their concerns for the Yadav community in Katihar.

Why is #Katihar_Narsanhar trending on Twitter?

According to multiple media reports, a gang war broke out in the Katihar city of Bihar on December 1. The incident took place on the morning of Thursday, which led to the deaths of multiple people. Some reports claimed that 5 people died, while others claimed that there were 7 deaths.

Media reports and social media further claimed that all those who died in the gang war were part of the Yadav community. This left the Yadav community enraged in Katihar, after which the #Katihar_Narsanhar hashtag started trending. ‘Katihar Narsanhar’ translates to ‘genocide in Katihar.’

What happened in Bihar gang war?

The gang war in Katihar erupted between two groups which were led by Mohan Thakur and Sunil Yadav respectively. The Thakur and Yadav gangs have been embroiled in a years-long feud in the part, as per the locals in Katihar.

Many incidents of gun firing and physical fights have been reported between the two groups in the past. Similar to previous incidents, a gunfight broke out between the two groups, which claimed the lives of five to seven people, three of which were teenagers.

The police said that this is not an unheard-of incident in Katihar, since it is captured by gangsters and thugs, according to the officials. Police further said that many gangsters have also captured the farmland of many locals, which has led to continuous trouble between the two gangs. 

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