Winter Special: How To Make Spiced Rum – Easy Recipe Inside

Winter just seems incomplete without a swig of some warm drinks. The strong spirit of rum, balanced with the sweetness of cola, makes for a perfect drink to enjoy the season to the fullest. In fact, during this time of the year, when the festive spirit is at an all-time high, we add some ounces of rum to our food as well. Rum balls, plum cakes and more – we have a number of rum-based recipe options to try. Then, there are the classic rum cocktails like daiquiri, mojito to name a few. While the popularity of these foods and beverages is undeniable, we also found a unique drink that will surely add to the season’s celebration. It’s called spiced rum.

What Is Spiced Rum: Difference Between Rum And Spiced Rum:

Spiced rum is a variety of rum that has been flavoured and aged with herbs and spices. From regular kitchen spices like clove, cinnamon and star anise to exotic vanilla beans – you can include any flavour of your choice. Some people also like adding orange peels, ginger etc for added aroma.

This not only makes the spiced rum flavourful but also brings a difference in texture and colour. While regular rum is transparent or amber in colour, you will find a dark caramel colour texture in spiced rum. Moreover, the added flavours make spiced rum a perfect option to add to your cocktails.

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How To Make Spiced Rum At Home: Spiced Rum Recipe From Scratch:

You will find several popular brands selling spiced rum in the market. What if we say, you can make your own spiced rum at home as well?! You heard us. You can actually mix herbs and spices of your choice to get personalised flavours in your bottle of rum. Sounds exciting, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Follow the recipe given below and make yourself a fresh batch of spiced rum this festive season.

Homemade Spiced Rum Recipe:

What is the spice in spiced rum? To make this drink, first, you need two clean, airtight jars. Then transfer a bottle of dark rum to one of the jars, add flavours of your choice and let it soak for two to three days. Make sure, you close the lid (of the jar) tight and store the jar in a dark and dry place.

In the next step, strain the infused drink into another jar, close the lid and keep it in a dark place, whenever you need them.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of spiced rum below.

Prepare this concoction this weekend and make yourself some delicious rum-based cocktails to unwind. Click here for some of our favourite rum-based cocktail recipes.

But always remember to drink safely and never drink and drive. Happy winter, everyone!

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