Winter-Special Recipe: How To Make Chicken Rasam Thatll Keep You Warm This Season

Rasam is a flavourful clear soup that finds its origin in a South Indian kitchen. In a traditional South Indian meal, rasam is a significant part of a course that includes sambar rice and curd rice. It is quintessentially prepared with toor dal, tamarind, tomato et al. However, unlike sambar, it has a thinner consistency and a sweet-tangy taste. Besides being flavourful, rasam is also popular for its rich nutrient profile. Food expert Ashwin Rajagolapan explains, “There are grandmother’s remedies and then there are rasams. Whether you grew up in Kerala or Tamil Nadu or almost any part of South India, there’s a good chance that your childhood memories usually involve a potent rasam on days when you were under the weather. There was a rasam for almost every common ailment, from colds to fever.”

This is probably why most South Indians have rasam on their list of comfort food. And the best part is, a hearty rasam recipe sees different variations in different regions of South India. From the simple dal-based ones to tomato and pepper rasam – options are many leaving us spoil for choices. We also find experimental seafood rasam in some parts of Tamil Nadu. Then there is chicken-based rasam, found in the Chettinad cuisine.

Referred to as Chettinad chicken rasam, it is a wholesome South Indian soup that loads us up with protein, fibre and several essential nutrients that nourish us from within. Besides the recipe also includes good amount of ginger, black pepper etc that makes this dish perfect for the winters. Let’s take a look at the Chettinad chicken rasam recipe.

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How To Make Chettinad Chicken Rasam:

To make this dish, take chicken pieces in a pressure cooker. To it, add tomato, onion, turmeric, red chilli powder, salt and mix. Now add water and pressure-cook up to two whistles. Add rasam powder to it and mix. Boil for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare a tadka for the rasam. Take oil in a pan and add hing, mustard seeds and green chillies to it and let everything splutter. Add the tadka to the bowl of rasam and serve hot.

Sounds delicious; isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Get hold of all the ingredients and make yourself a piping hot bowl of rasam for your meal during the winter season.

Watch the detailed recipe video in the header section.

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