Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Facebook and WhatsApp Greetings to Share on Kisan Diwas

NATIONAL FARMERS’ DAY 2022 WISHES QUOTES, STATUS, MESSAGES: December 23 is observed as Farmers’ Day or Kisan Diwas across India. Farmers are the backbone of our economy and to honour their hardship, this day was coined by the government of India in 2001. This day also marks the birth anniversary of the ‘Champion of Indian Peasants’ and the fifth Prime Minister of India, Chaudhary Charan Singh.

The political leader was a farmer before he earned his seat in the government. The day aims to spread awareness of the contributions of farmers to the socioeconomic development of the nation. It also recognises the efforts of the former Prime Minister who helped in uplifting the farmers in the country, introduced Debt Redemption Bill and Land Holding Act.

On National Farmers’ Day this year, take a look at some quotes and wishes that you can share with your loved ones.

National Farmers’ Day 2022: Quotes

1. “If agriculture goes wrong, nothing else will have a chance to go right in the country” – MS Swaminathan

2. “Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man” – George Washington

3. “My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman, and a preacher. But every day, three times a day, you need a farmer” – Brenda Schoepp

4. “Life on a farm is a school of patience; you can’t hurry the crops or make an ox in two days” – Henri Alain

5. “When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization” – Daniel Webster

National Farmers’ Day 2022: MESSAGES

1. Let’s not forget on Kisan Diwas that without farmers, we would have lacked in our diets and would have to eat processed and unhealthy foods.

2. The best way to respect a farmer is to respect his produce by not wasting it…Happy Farmer’s Day!

3. If the farmer is rich, then so is the nation. Happy Farmer’s Day!

4. I am really proud to be born in a nation where agriculture is the soul…. Best wishes on Farmer’s Day to you.

5. Farmers Day reminds us to acknowledge and thank each and every farmer of the nation for his unconditional dedication. Best wishes on Farmers Day to you.

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